About us

  • Mission

    By promoting natural and organic cosmetics, cleaners, hygiene products, we not only sell the product, but also accompany it with the philosophy of a natural lifestyle, the benefits of healthy products for beauty and health.
    This means that we ourselves live a healthy lifestyle, our employees have specific knowledge, we test all the products we sell ourselves and only offer those we believe in. In life and work, we follow the motto "content is more important than appearance".


    We are experts in organic and natural cosmetics.
    For buyers, JUARA aims to be a professional advisor in choosing the healthiest possible products, and by promoting natural, organic products and educating buyers, JUARA aims to expand the group of consumers of organic and natural products.

    Work philosophy

    Attention to the customer

    We know that our client is educated and sophisticated in every sense, so we communicate not as a seller-client, but as an equal with an equal. It is not quantity that matters to us, but quality.

    A wealth of knowledge

    We know that when working in the field of natural and organic products, we need to have specific knowledge and a good knowledge of products and their composition, which is why we are especially interested in this area.


    For partners, JUARA is a reliable, ethical company that fosters equal, mutually beneficial long-term relationships. We are always ready for compromises, and we expect the same from our partners.

    We are honest

    We are honest with ourselves and our clients, we provide all information without hiding anything, we value relationships based on trust.


    JUARA motto - "We are for healthy beauty"